Here at Quick Lube Car Service, our Mission Statement reads: "Quality Work at the Best Price". We have worked hard to build a reputation for being an honest and fair Service Center. We are committed to the needs of our customers and believe in maintaining the one-on-one contact between our customer and their service technician.
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When you need quality car maintenance at the best possible price, you can count on us at Quick Lube Car Service to meet your needs. Our outstanding technicians will work quickly and efficiently on your foreign or domestic car. We are located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and serve customers in that area and surrounding regions.

Now, you might be wondering what services we provide. We offer

free maintenance check up

, steering and suspension work,

engine repairs


transmission repairs

and so much more. You can trust the reliable and trustworthy service technicians that work at the

Quick Lube Service

to provide you with lube service that is quick and affordable.

Keeping your car maintained will help to prolong the life of your vehicle. It also helps to eliminate some of the bigger jobs that have to been done when your vehicle is about to break down. Sometimes, a timing belt can wear out over time, or your heating and air conditioning can leave you feeling drenched in sweat or shivering in the cold.

We, at Quick Lube Service have the latest computer technology that will help us do a computer diagnostic of your vehicle. This way there is no second guessing as to what needs to be fixed. We also have a wide range of new and used tires at an affordable price.

Another thing that an automobile driver often forgets to do is to check the tires to make sure that they are inflated properly. Having an under or over inflated tire can cause your tires to wear out sooner than you expected them to. It can also be the cause of an accident.

Tires should also be rotated a couple of times a year. Tire rotation will even out the wear of the tread. Here at Quick Lube, this is a service that we provide to our customers. Replacing your wipers is also an important part of maintaining your vehicle.

Replacing your wipers is dependent on the weather in your region. Fall is generally the best time of the year to change your wipers. The temperatures are cooler and the hot summer sun has finished baking your windshield wipers. Maintaining the car over the period of the year will stop the big repairs from occurring. This means regular oil changes, tune ups, battery replacement, and tire alignment are just a few examples.

When it comes to car maintenance and repair in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas, you can trust the speedy, professional, and affordable service of the qualified technicians at Quick Lube Service.

Computer Diagnostics
Brake Service
Heating/A.C. Repair
Body Repair
Transmission Repair
Engine Repair
Steering and Suspension
Timing Belts
Water Pumps
Tune Up
Free Maintenance Check Up
New and Used tires
brake service
We are committed to the needs of our customers and believe in maintaining the one-on-one contact...
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We are committed to the needs of our customers and believe in maintaining the one-on-one contact...
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Awesome service and very fast!
the prices are affordable. Basically you get what you want. Management and coworkers are really nice people and make me feel right at home.